Ryder Skye

Garfield Camping is my life!

Mt. Garfield, found just miles east upper east of Mt. Lafayette and Franconia Ridge in New Hampshire’s the White Mountains is the fourteenth highest among the four thousand foot crests in the White Mountains. What makes this mountain emerge from a hefty portion of the other White Mountains is 1) the relative simplicity of the climb to the top by means of the Garfield Trail (class 1) from Gale River Loop Road (off Route 3), and 2) the grand view from the from the top taking a gander at the Pemigwasset Wilderness towards the south.

How to get there: Take I-93 north to exit 36, Route 3 toward Twin Mountain. Keep focused three until you see a sign for Gale River dirt road on your privilege just before the Gale River. On the off chance that you pass the main crossing point, there is another street convergence over the Gale River, which is better checked. (Gale River Road is shut for snowmobile goes in winter yet is a furrowed segment off of Route 3 where climbers can enter). Take Gale River Road to the Garfield Trail stopping zone (expense).

The perfect time to climb: Mt. Garfield is best trekked during the late summer and early fall after the dark fly season and before Gale River Road is shut. Given the relative ease until the very end Mt. Garfield likewise draws in some winter climbers and snowshoes however the winter trek goes up from 10 miles to 12.3 miles, the mass as yet being moderately simple also be sure to bring a backpacking hammock as well. To avoid trail erosion, evade this and other of the higher crests of the White Mountains because of mud season. June is a tolerable time to climb this mountain yet wear genuine bug repellent because of the dark fly season.



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